RIP, Sally Menke

Sally Menke
As an aspiring filmmaker and a long-time obsessed Tarantino-phile, I have always respected his long-time collaborator, Sally Menke. Her dedicated work is vital in making Tarantino films into the masterpieces that they are. What she did was nothing short of brilliant, while she has always been a huge inspiration towards many working in the film industry.

Her death is undoubtedly devastating, not just because she was brilliant and passionate in her string of work. Working alongside Quentin Tarantino since the days of Reservoir Dogs, she was not just a collaborator. She was also family. Every member of the cast and crew valued her work, as did the audience. We will always remember the greetings over the b-roll.

The news of death is never that easy to take. Despite being complete strangers, nothing takes away that connection you have with the people you look up to. Menke’s unique and brilliant editing style, has proved to be, and always will be one of the greatest contributions to cinema history.

Goodbye Sally Menke.
Forever missed.
1953 – 2010

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