Movie Review: Ed Wood (1994)

Ed Wood (dir. Tim Burton, 1994) – Despite lacking support and commercial success, Ed Wood perseveres in fulfilling his dreams of bringing his films to life.


Eccentricity is no barrier to success, as the inspiring bio-pic of Ed Wood shows the power of persistence amid flak.



In 1959, Plan 9 From Outer Space was dubbed the worst movie ever made. The failure steered director Edward Davis Wood, Jr. onto the path of pornography. Plan 69 unfortunately failed to work out. Before he found his coveted fame, he died in 1978.

Sadly, his infamy did not end after his death. In the 1980s, the Medveds’ Golden Turkey Awards named him the worst director of all-time.

Now, if only Ed Wood had the chance to see Tim Burton’s tribute. The 1994 dramatised biopic retains Wood’s eccentricity in a positive light, and finally gives him the respect he deserves.

The worst director of all-time? Far from it. Delving into his life story, Ed Wood finds all the right reasons for people to know him by. Rather than making an easy mockery out of his work, the film celebrates the Hollywood misfit’s unlikely friendships, unique ideas, and his unrecognised passion.

Ed Wood proves inspiring in his lasting persistence, despite self-doubt, crippling depression, and cynical bystanders. This is an essential watch that embraces the outrageous and encourages the misunderstood.

Just as Welles advises Wood that visions are worth fighting for, the resonant story inspires one to look past critics and detractors. In the immortal words of Ed Wood, “Just keep writing. Even if your story gets worse, you’ll get better.”

5 thoughts on “Movie Review: Ed Wood (1994)”

  1. What I got the most out of Ed Wood (The Movie) was his undying passion to want to tell stories despite if people thought he was good or bad. This and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas are my favorite Johnny Depp performance

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    1. I haven’t seen Ed Wood in a while, this is a really old post! 😉 Johnny Depp had so many great performances in his early career. I really liked What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!


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