On Underrated Actors and Tarantino

Samuel L Jackson, Pam Grier, Christoph Waltz, David Carradine (rest in peace); the films of Quentin Tarantino has revived the quiet careers of many and garnered long-awaited recognition for others. Of recent, casting news for his latest venture Django Unchained has begun to surface, and keen interest has been placed on whom he will work with next.

Late night thoughts that usually render pointless had me wondering who I would love to see Tarantino work with most. Well, there is certainly one underrated actor in mind whom Tarantino could really shine some deserving light on: Sam Rockwell.

Credit: Sony Pictures Classics / Mark Tille

Of course, his calibre would fit right into a Tarantino flick. I will admit I am absolutely obsessed with Duncan Jones (which is why I withhold my over-enthusiastic Source Code review to date) and his debut film, Moon. It was undeniable that Sam Rockwell was the bulk of the reason, and his incredible performance had very much been overlooked.

While we all had high hopes for his adept acting in Conviction, The Academy ignored him once more. Over his two-decade career, he had impressed many with his convincing diversity in any role, brilliant as a misunderstood misfit in the small-scale Lawn Dogs, or a flamboyant display of confidence in his big break as Justin Hammer.

What he did for the charming Frank Mercer or the slightly sociopathic Chuck Barris, Rockwell has been no stranger to dark wit and humour in the manner of “I shot Marvin in the face”.

It’s true, the man can deliver in any shoes. Even dancing ones. His highly regarded dexterity in dance would be an absolutely welcome addition. Think John Travolta and You Never Can Tell.

How can we forget, Django Unchained is a western after all. See: Cowboys and Aliens. He wears a stetson. Stetsons are cool. It would be lovely should Tarantino be able to give Rockwell’s career an extra spark, enough for more to notice his talent.

Besides, dream teams always work out wonderfully for the fans.


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