Movie Review: Drive Angry (2011)

Drive Angry (dir. Patrick Lussier, 2011) – After his escape from Hell, Milton hunts the men who murdered his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter.


High on absurdity and over-the-top violence, Drive Angry unexpectedly entertains with explosive action.



Death grants no reprieve. A vengeful chase leads Milton (Nicolas Cage) to Hell and back, with the Accountant (William Fichtner) hot on his heels. Showing no fear and nothing to lose, both escapee and pursuer unleash Hell on Earth in their persistent quest.

With a title as absurd as its synopsis, it is easy to dismiss Drive Angry at first glance. But while grindhouse cinema has never quite appealed to the mainstream audience, any fan of wild thrills would be sorry to miss this exhilarating hell ride.

Nicolas Cage’s latest vehicle is an unabashed, bold display of overblown violence and sensuality. While deliberately asinine dialogue verges on unbearable, a good sense of humour will do you well.

There is no greater pleasure watching the talented William Fichtner hamming it up as a straight-face assassin from down under. At the tail of his chase, Milton and his unruly sidekick Piper (Amber Heard) put up a brutal fightback in an unexpectedly entertaining team-up.

Hell-bent on their respective missions, the trio wreaks unbridled havoc, which comes with an unhealthy amount of insensible collateral damage. Their resultant body count oddly enough qualifies as welcome sacrifice for a full hour of pure reckless fun.

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