A passer-by’s guide to happiness.

Friendships fall apart for painfully slight reasons. We find things to dislike about each other, falling out or growing apart over time. While hatred hardly ever grows into love, love never fails to end in dislike or apathy.

Sometimes, we get mad and anger flows in a mad rush. Forgiveness contrastingly comes in light trickles. It almost seems that we are predisposed to welcome the negative, more than we do choose to accept the positive.

We are not perfect. We make bad decisions, reckless choices and wrong moves, too. And like every individual, we have a better side of ourselves. People change and have the capacity to change. Rather than judging temporary mistakes, why are we averse to learning to see the best in each other?

Sadness is often described to be endless and ceaseless in its revisit. Happiness goes by in a fleeting moment, always missed more than ever enjoyed. We feel happy, then notice the “what ifs”. If only. Would have been. The great perhaps.

Contentment for the present never lasts, desire for the future never lessens. At the end of the day, we are again lamenting on how things could be better, instead of taking comfort in what we now have.

What we never seem to be able to understand is how to appreciate and live in the moment. If there is a better “could have been” and there always will be, we work towards it while taking pride in how far we have come.

Sometimes, we need someone to help us through the inevitable bad thoughts. Sometimes, we step up to be that someone. When we fall into darkness, we are seldom able to see the light without guidance.

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