RIP, Christopher Hitchens.

Over the years, I have never found the eloquence or wit to defend my belief, or lack thereof. In search of perception and reason, I had my first encounter with the works of Christopher Hitchens earlier this year.

Then, I began on the provocatively controversial title, God Is Not Great. In the compelling pages ahead, I found truths not just in his vivid argumentation on religion, but his propagation of independent thinking. Every word offered learned insight into complex issues that matter. His essays also invite us to question what we learn and what we are taught.

As a writer, I’m inspired by his words. As a reader, I’m inspired by his impactful ideas of true morality, which will live on and continue to change the world for the better.

It would be unfair to define Christopher Hitchens solely by his atheism. He was an honest and audacious thinker with rationality unimpeded by scorn. He was a frank intellect with quick wit, quite often unmatched. Despite his passing, he will be survived by every word, essay and debate, and we thank him for his quest for the truth.

Rest in peace, Christopher Hitchens.
13 April 1949 – 15 December 2011

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