5 Great Cinematic Shots

Films can make for enthralling cinematic experiences, some more so than others. A few do so with beautiful soundtrack compositions. Others grip the audience with lasting, mesmerising imagery. Meaningful shots can linger in your mind for days and weeks (not in the way that the Guinea Pig movies do).

Here is a fantastic compilation of 135 amazing shots that will restore your faith in cinema by Flavorwire:

Here are five of my favourite cinematic shots:

5. Moon: “I want to go home.”

Sam Rockwell’s performance in Moon deeply moved me, his every emotion lunging through the silver screen. The film’s cinematography matches his adept delivery with powerful imagery, as it roams the stillness of the rocky lunar surface. Beautiful ambient music by Clint Mansell echoes the theme of isolation, making for a captivating watch. By the way, the Academy still owes Sam Rockwell an Oscar.

4. Inglourious Basterds: Un Amico

In a heart-rending chapter of Tarantino’s war epic, star-crossed lovers Shosanna and Marcel prepared to surrender their lives for a bigger cause. The former meets an unexpected blip in Fredrick’s unrequited obsession with her that ultimately ends in tragedy. Playing out in lingering slow motion, the scene is as bittersweet as the haunting notes of Ennio Morricone’s Un Amico. Au revoir, Shosanna.

3. Drive: Nightcall

Drive‘s simplicity holds sophistication in how it greatly compels and envelops through a unique, experiential atmosphere. Light and shadow cross paths in Nicolas Winding Refn’s stylised visuals, injecting life into Los Angeles such that it becomes a character itself. The film makes keen voyeurs out of its viewers in the city alongside the Driver in his absorbing journey of menace and a hint of romance.

2. We Need To Talk About Kevin: Everyday

Buddy Holly’s Everyday plays over disoriented cuts of festive horrors against distorted memories. Lynn Ramsay pulls us into hte world of a haunted, distraught mother, struggling to understand and to live with the actions that her son committed. We Need To Talk About Kevin is a brilliantly harrowing character study that rips into a bottomless debate of nature versus nurture without defining black and white. Throughout the film, the subtle symbolism and the not-so-subtle use of blood red add to a soft perturbing tone that etches in your mind long after the credits roll.

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey was made over 45 years ago, and even today, it remains unmatched in carefully crafted beauty. Going into the unknown, Stanley Kubrick knows exactly how to bring in the viewers into a state of disorientation. He stirs unnerving fear through much replicated film tactics, like an unnatural albeit almost invisible symmetry. The perfect choice of angle, colour and sound work to create a enduring, spectacular masterpiece that no one should have to miss in a lifetime.


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