Movie Review: Taken 2 (2012)

Taken 2 (dir. Olivier Megaton, 2012) – Retired CIA operative Bryan Mills reunites with his daughter. But their family vacation is cut short when the families of his victims return for vengeance.


How many times can a family be abducted? Three, if Taken 2 doesn’t stop clinging on to the box office.



Kidnappers are people too. That is even if retired CIA operative Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) barely blinked when he killed a dozen to save one life – that of his daughter. So it makes sense that the families of his victims will return to exact vengeance on his reckless acts. Sadly, everything that follows does not.

Trouble continues to brew from where it left off. Liam Neeson settles into his brooding self with ease. His dulled expression somehow seems appropriate in face of his kidnappers’ sheer incompetence. Proving themselves to be nothing more than mere punching bags, they readily present him with consecutive opportunities to make a clean run.

In one scene, the kidnappers leave the known skilled agent unguarded, giving him sufficient time to devise a plan over a phone call. That’s right. They left him a bloody phone.

Pitting these cretins against a trained spy hardly seems fair, which keeps the stakes extremely low. Undaunted and armed with daredevil spirit, Bryan Mills no longer needs a menacing monologue this time.

Then again, this man may be so much more than a trained agent. His illimitable skills are hardly believable and capabilities, superhuman. Be ready to further lose track of reality as you lose track of the number of grenades thrown like balloons at a party, as though Turkey is a completely lawless country.

Some generic parkour makes for awe, but fails to be exciting with the lack of imminent danger necessary to sustain an action film. Perhaps for ratings’ sake, the chase sequences are heavily edited. Tightly put together, the unexciting fights are over before they even have a chance to begin.

Not only has this sequel failed to measure up to its predecessor. Taken 2 falls below the rank of most other action movies for that matter. While this should mean three’s a crowd… Listen to me very carefully. Three could still happen.

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