Quick Word on the Star Trek Prologue

A journey back to the Middle-earth along with a 9-minute detour into the darkness of space, how could I ever resist? So it didn’t take much to convince us before we set off on an IMAX 3D adventure to the Shire (A review for The Hobbit should be up tomorrow!) and the final frontier.

Gattaca, Dark City, Moon, Doctor Who – I like science fiction, science fiction is cool.  The genre is oftentimes inventive and if we get lucky, absolutely intriguing. But don’t shoot me. My knowledge of the Star Trek universe is, unfortunately, limited to the supposedly uncharacteristic Nemesis and JJ Abrams’ reboot.

I did love Abram’s take, the cast and Benedict Cumberbatch enough to look forward to the preview attached to The Hobbit. Here’s a quick word on the prologue with some minor spoilers, which tell of nothing much really.

We are introduced to Mickey Smith only he wasn’t Mickey Smith. The futuristic London isn’t all that different as the man sets about routine breakfast with his wife, before visiting their ill daughter in a hospital.

Enter Benedict Cumberbatch in a cool black trench coat, because black is mysterious. He says, “I can save her.” After a gratuitous slow zoom (not complaining) into his face, that is pretty much it, to our dismay.

The single line delivered exudes menace and frustratingly, more mystery. While most of us hope the prologue, maybe with help from signature lens flares, could shine a light on Cumberbatch’s identity, there is not a single helpful clue offered.

What the nine minutes did offer were more Bones whom we had glimpses of in the trailer, scenes with Chekov whom we had no glimpses at all, a rather annoyed Scotty, Sulu, Uhura, everyone, an underwater Enterprise, and an extended volcano scene that Conan generously teased.

Thanks Conan.

Even as a non-Trekker, I’m pretty psyched. Unsurprisingly, the scene ends in yet another upsetting agonising teaser, followed by some quick flashes of trailer clips. Five more bloody months? Dammit Abrams… But we are patient, and we will wait.

Star Trek Into Darkness is due out on 16 May 2013.


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