Movie Review: Rush (2013)

Rush (dir. Ron Howard, 2013) – Rush is based on a true story of the famed sporting rivalry of Formula One frontrunners James Hunt and Niki Lauda in the 1970s.


What draws a man to the danger on the race track? For Hunt and Lauda, it is more than adrenaline but their rivalry that inspires this exciting chapter of Formula One history.



The will to win drives one to make great strides. Rush chronicles one of the most heated competitions in Formula One history, during which two men learn to go beyond themselves by outmatching the other. Director Ron Howard and writer Peter Morgan remain undaunted by the tough balancing act. The dream team succeeds in preserving the race’s electric thrills alongside the racers’ engaging drama.

Chris Hemsworth delivers his strongest performance yet, settling comfortably into the role of English driver James Hunt. The famed champion exudes charismatic charm as he lives the fast life, satiating a constant thirst for adventure. Going for broke on the race track, he emanates arrogant confidence that can only be matched with that of his opponent Niki Lauda.

Photo: Working Title Films / Jaap Buitendijk

The ever-underrated Daniel Brühl (Goodbye Lenin!, The Edukators) plays the Austrian personality Lauda, whose tenacious determination and hardy pragmatism are often dismissed as cold conceit. His layered performance brings us closer to an aloof character, and shines in his relationship with his on-screen wife Marlene (Alexandra Maria Lara).

The two racers share little in common, save for tremendous ambition and brutal honesty. It is easy to see why they find much to pick at, both on and off the course. Their constant banter builds on a close rivalry throughout the season, all until it takes a climactic turn on the notoriously dangerous circuit.

When tension makes way for the show of mutual respect is the movie at its best. Competition stays on the race track as Hunt and Lauda’s support for one another becomes clear. The incident inspires as much on screen as it once did in the real world. Powerfully portrayed, the two men’s extraordinary friendship sincerely strikes a chord and leaves a mark.

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