The Aberrant Poems


Flame flickered silent in gathering dust
Ten full moons and a shadow cast
Under the eclipse the newborn basked
The woman cradled her dream unmasked

Born where hope had once been deserted
A fading prayer at long last answered
A conception forgotten, a birth celebrated
Flouted at whom with she had fornicated

Birthed by a blood-binding ritual and rite
Red skin aglow under the morning light
The child’s yellow eyes a remarkable sight
Soon dismissed as an incurable blight

Condemnation sailed from ear to ear
For the son of a beast, who reigned below Earth
Mother shivered with regret and fear
For a gory mistake only she could love dear


Thought the abortion who survived
It never should have been alive
For all it remembered was being alone
Written off as skin around bones

By death of her own, its mother had gone
By absence of his, its father unknown
A living plague ignored and condoned
A rotten disease left solitary to roam

The foul streets were its filthy lair
Its father never once was there
Or perhaps he had raised it with all that is bare
For of the spite against him he must be aware

A forsaken orphan untaught and forlorn
Enduring too much for so very long
Waiting for time to utter goodbye
Wishing for courage to take its life


Mislaid insides beneath pale tattered skin
Blood red vessels in purplish limbs
Never could tell where veins could be cut
To flow a river through this rat-ridden rut

A rickety beast with a prominent limp
With bulging eyes sewn around the rims
Its teeth was where its lips should be
Its nose was nowhere to be seen

Still there was a kind old man
Who saw the child behind the gaffe
He said to it between ragged breaths
Proffering the tempting mercy of death

Its life hitherto was every reason to die
Rather than hide as each day went by
But thinking on the sins it survived
For one last chance its crooked heart pined


It strayed away and met a drifter in turn
His eyes sealed blind by a first-degree burn
To its question he poured a river of lies
The greatest of which that he refused to die

Disgusting and foul was that terrible smile
Jagged teeth sparking an intentional vile
Driven by a life without purpose or worth
Its own lips started to curl in a curve

Blood ran black as its new friend fell forth
Driven through with the rust-coated saw
It whispered the reason, “I thought you were me.
But I guess this means you were never meant to be.”

With that terrible fate did its hunger allay
For such foolish words they all must pay
It smiled with more thoughts in his twisted hate
The one so like it was now put to bed


Adrenaline rushed through the seams of its skin
Pulsating pleasure just like that in its dreams
In its joy it almost missed the lady in green
A man by her side with golden teeth that gleamed

With the shine of a nickel the man vanished deft
The woman lingered as did her caress
From her claret lips did hot air depart
Crawled down its nape and into its heart

In those few minutes it felt rare calm
In the warmth of her embrace it almost succumbed
But very soon it began to grow numb
As it grasped what’s best was yet to come

Then its head felt like it could well split apart
The throb worsened as it felt her bones jut
Its fingers crawled furtive around her throat
Squeezed as hard as it could as the prostitute choked

It had never meant for this to happen
But voices in his head demanded the penance
To end this it must yield its existence
But this thought was met with its mind’s resistance

Despite her mask this was not a charade
The lady of the night laid forever dead
Dashed of hope for what was done had been done
Returned to the point from where it’d begun

Alone and afraid of whence it came
Little it grasped of its pleasure for pain
Earth was Hell enough already
No reason to stop until all was buried


“Humanity and their misguided beliefs
Defining men as Gods above beasts
A supposition devious as devilry
Making conceivable the exile of peace

Knowing fair well everything is a lie
Kind words delivered unthinking and wry
Moments of joy that the envious decry
Fulfilment that juxtaposition belies

Revulsion perpetual for faith and believing
Compassion as defamed and nauseating
Angels, a pathetic faith at mystic
A higher power, a creation of an immortal meek

Man defaming devils and graves
Killing the name of Hell and savage
Defiling flaws and imperfection
That crafts a mind of devastation”


They kept talking, they wouldn’t leave
Its pounding head exiled its memories
Better dreams it tried to relieve
They sifted by, granting little reprieve

Despite its clothes with a blood red tinge
A  man in a black robe beckoned it in
To the silence of his sanctuary
Where he fell asleep to a wordless hymn

It awoke to blazing flames that surround
Harrowing cries piercing its still throbbing crown
Its head filled up with fiendish sounds
Dormant resentment released from bounds

It saw the carnage that adorned the floor
Bliss rushed through it, sublime and raw
It remembered its hatred for its imperfection
Annihilation was its only satisfaction


A lonesome past, a deceitful heart
Made death easy and living hard
Eyes that told of surmounting fear
As his hurting arms had harshly seared

Infatuation with scars collection
Aspiration for fine perfection
Blood cascading with euphoria
Cuts aligned in a fallen dystopia

A pair of dirt-caked bloodstained hands
With lurid blood and immutable contempt
Vestige of regret in a cut deeper
Survival subsisted despite the red in the river

Rigid indifference its only emotion
Apathy failing to forbid vengeance
A heart cold and a mind colder still
Schemed for its own final grand will


Nurtured by nature to kill or be killed
By mental torture of wishes fulfilled
For death of a monster birthed against its will
To suffer banishment in solitude

Enslaved by an innate thirst and addiction
For blood, violence and ensuing contentment
For years it tried to suppress the aggression
But agony begets no appreciation

Mirthful tears fall evermore
As grief unearths the reasons to pour
A life forsaken and joy forfeit
A life forgotten; what’s there to forgive

Perpetual feral self-conflict
At an end by a crushing soul defeat
A lasting triumph in the things undid
The fervent burn of odium’s heat


Soon will surface mutilated remains
When mud loosens by relentless rain
Names to those faces will be in vain
When all they remember will be his name

His gruesome deeds are all he is worth
What he leaves behind is a cold empty world
Vicious and bare of all souls he encountered
Returning to the slums where things had first started

He finally admits that it was easy to die
But it is simply fear that kept his life
He looks up above for the last time
The void of a starless sky sublime

He holds up his nails as sharp as knives
Plunges them deep into his eyes
Before him blooms a dazzling light
All that has been shall end tonight

“Closer, here,” beckons the light
Tonight he will not put up a fight
For what had been determined long ago
What he had reaped so shall he sow


In the morning they found his body
And all of the others too
On the papers splashed the tragedy
With one embellishment or two

Like the distorted facts of how it went
Little did they know how it ends

The boy found a smile that no one had seen
By finding release that had once been a dream

The Aberrant Poems © 2014 by Jade A. All rights reserved. 


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