Happy 2015!

It’s 2015! Where has the year gone?

2014 was a particularly good one for me. Meeting Paul Di’Anno and 2Cellos were especially wonderful. (I got to ask Stjepan Hauser if he could play some Led Zeppelin on the next album!)

Meeting Paul Di’Anno

While travelling for the first time – ever – topped it off.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Not forgetting, graduation is in the cards this July. So I have that to look forward to.

On the film end, the year has been kind with some very fine ventures. I had missed tons of potentially brilliant titles, some as of yet unreleased. Joining the long watch-list are The Theory of Everything, Locke, The Double, Whiplash, Snowpiercer, Nightcrawler… and that barely covers half of it. Now, to catch up…

With way too many ‘Best of’ lists out there and so many films unseen, I have decided to forgo posting my own. InterstellarGone Girl – you know which are the obvious choices that should be on your watchlist. 

But more reviews are of course, a-coming. I am really excited to write about some fantastic films I had seen over the past few weeks, including The Babadook and Predestination. So, let’s hope the new year gets busy, but not too busy.

Happy new year to all! 🙂


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