2016 and the Incongruence of Life Advices

2016 is officially four days old. Is it just sentimentality, or does time truly hasten with age?

In 2015, I have made more friends, watched more films, and officially graduated. I have also been fortunate to meet Enforcer, Anthelion (again, after seven years) and Miljenko Matijevic.

Work started (being an adult) and I unfortunately have not seen as many films as I would like to. Or written much about them for that matter. If I had to come up with a favourites list, it would run like this:

5. Bone Tomahawk
4. The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
3. The Martian
2. Mad Max: Fury Road
1. Ex Machina (Look at the picture! I am terrible with surprises.)

For the record, I have indeed seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens… and I will risk my life to post my pedantic views in the coming week. Of course, there is The Hateful Eight, which I will only get to see and praise later this month.

Meeting the legend

Suitably well as it might have gone, I am looking forward to the new year. As time goes by, each day’s passing has become more substantive to me. It is not as if a calendar year means anything more than the simple marking of time. Rather, I am reminded to look back and ask myself, “Am I happy where I am? Do I still have a choice to change things, if I am not?”

How regret seems to have beset with adulthood. And to that, I hear, “Be content. Be happy with what you have.” But bitter voices always echo after dream chasers, don’t they?

We grow older, but we are done with growing up. So we slough off promises for fear of missteps. We relegate goals to daydreams when adversity steps in. But I believe that success and closure must begin with uncertainty. I do not want to leave anxieties unresolved. There are many things I want to, and will, change.

And now, to announce something exciting, for anyone still reading! This June, I will finally be visiting the U.K. (to London, Derby and Edinburgh!) after a decade of longing and an age of scrimping. Thrilled that I will be attending Download Festival 2016. To see Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Rammstein among others! Still gutted that I will not be seeing Lemmy perform – his music will live on forever. x

Got to get back to life, so that’s it for now. Thanks for reading, and have an amazing year life.


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