A Ghost Story

They’re coming for me. I can feel the mad sirens howl, sending a steady pulse through the floorboards. I am hopeful for peace, though I am not sure if that is what freedom will bring me.

They’re closing in now. It has taken them long enough to get here. So long that my father’s cabin has started to smell of nothing but rot.

A month and two days. That’s thirty-three days I had spent in aching isolation. Winds have turned into voices in time, whispering my sins that linger in the stale air. Tonight is the night these whispers will find a keen ear. Now that they are here, it is time for my tell-all. My mea culpa, if you will. Secrets are all I have left to give.

My confessions must begin on the night I first saw Karla. She was a beautiful girl, who had just moved into the neighbouring apartment, three weeks before we “met”. Every night, she would return from work at six, and walk her Collie at the park at seven sharp. I had been watching and waiting, till I had learnt and adopted her evening routine.

What I did was wrong, and I knew my crime. But my compulsion ate at me each time I tried to hold back, biting hard into my skin. I had to get close to her. There was no other choice. This hideous voice in my head was my first secret, which no one had gotten close enough to know.

My meeting with her went just as I had planned. On the park bench, I told her things that I knew she would love. Things I learnt from those afternoons I had snuck into her apartment for her diary. Soon, she fell in love with the man who I pretended to be, and we started going out.

I got to meet her friends. None of whom liked me. They even tried to dissuade her from our relationship, as though they had figured out my second secret. Unlike the beautifully naive Karla, they somehow knew that my romance was all pretence. It was passion that had driven me, the delirious sort beyond the purity of affection.

I wonder what had given me away. Did my tired smile no longer appear genuine? Had my reluctant silence exposed my impatience? There was no way to tell, but one thing I knew for certain: time was running out.

On my last night in the city, my third secret was set in motion. I took Karla to my father’s lake cabin, and the invitation charmed her. She was smiling and laughing, till she saw the glimmer I hid behind my back. That was the moment she guessed every one of my secrets that I thought I had kept so well. I knew, because she screamed.

Fearing Karla would leave me, I held up the knife and sent it crashing down. If it had cut any part of her, she would stay with me forever. Just like all the other girls. She would be mine. But she would not let it happen. She hit me where she could. Her nails scraped at my arms as I tried to restrain her.

Our violent strife lasted like a perennial, bloody dance. It ended soon as her knee smashed into my gut. I was careless. In my moment of darkness, she had grabbed my knife from me. She cried as she drove the blade deep into my heart, draining the life out of me.

There was no blame for what she had done to me. I deserved my demise. Rather, I felt an odd sense of pride for her doing. Instead of calling the police, Karla chose to bury me alive and bleeding beneath these floorboards. I suffered some hours before death eased my physical pain.

A month and two days ago, she had left me here alone, before she drowned herself in the river. I still hear her ghost sometimes, her sobs echoing through the wooden floor. She has never learnt of the other girls, who still lives below the muddy ground of my backyard.

But now, you know my story. The whole truth. Somehow, someone else has found out what I have done too.

And they’re finally coming for me.

Daily Prompt: Revelation

A Ghost Story © 2017 by Jade A. All rights reserved. 

16 thoughts on “A Ghost Story”

  1. This was such an entertaining piece you wrote. I could almost picture a bleak noir setting. A narcisstic approach in wooing a lady..(tuts) he could have played it so much better. Such great fiction Jade. This has to be one of my favourite stories yet. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay, these stories of yours keep improving every week (and they were already awesome to begin with). This one is the best I have read so far from you. Absolutely loved it’s creepyness. I don’t know if anybody has told you this, but you really have got talent. Amazing work😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Holy shit that was really really good. I had no idea at first that it was from the perspective of a killer. Great story. and a really good use of visual imagery in this as well. Umm it’s just me and my opinion, but I think “A Love Story”
    would be a better title. This way readers would expect one thing, and you give them something completely different

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, I appreciate it! 😊 And I love your suggestion for the title. It’s always fun to mess with the readers’ expectations. 😉


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