Running from Shadows

The Black Wolf treads behind me. It keeps its pace, slow with patience and steady with purpose. My heart is palpitating, hurrying my tired feet that refuse to cooperate. After all, this tango with The Wolf is one that had gone on for far too long.

Ten years, to be exact. I was fourteen when I first came to know The Wolf. That night, I had been crying in the comfort of solitude, for reasons I could not really put into words. It was when I first felt its presence. The very moment I looked up, I saw it. Dark like a mere shadow, I had first thought it shapeless and perhaps, illusory.

But like all creatures, it grew to the point I could no longer ignore it. What I had deemed a shadow, had gained a form. Then, I could see it bare its teeth and hear its howl, as I do now.

Over the years, The Wolf became a part of me. It was there when Isaac had shouted those hurtful words at me, and when I started to miss him in my life. It neared during my father’s funeral. By the time my mother started living under the influence, the regular guest was growling by my ear, so that I might never forget it was there.

Though I had no way of knowing where it had first come from, I had my suspicions. These soon started to look like fact. Looking back, my weakness was what had let The Wolf scamper into my life. It fed hungrily on my dejection, each day I let those tears fall.

I feared The Black Wolf, but I never told anyone about what I had seen. I knew it couldn’t be real. Not really. There was no room in our world for a creature that much larger than a man, save for the vast space of my mind.

Besides, no one else had seen it but me. I knew from the way they all stared at me, when my breath quickens and my body tenses at the sight of it. Even my best friend carried doubt in her words of seeming concern. It did not take long before I was by myself again…

Shh, be quiet now. The Black Wolf is so close behind. The rain has started to fall, pattering against the dense foliage. Where I hide, I do not look over my shoulder. I know it will get me if I do, and there is no strength left in me to fight it alone.

All I can do to survive is to keep moving forward in this thunderstorm. Even if my legs are exhausted and my chest is hurting, I will not let it get me. I have come too far to give up now. Perhaps in time I may find someone who can help guide my trembling hand to kill the beast.

Daily Prompt: Scamper

Running from Shadows © 2017 by Jade A. All rights reserved. 


14 thoughts on “Running from Shadows”

      1. I really liked it as your wolf metaphor is actually open to interpretation. It could be the thing/friend always there to help when things go wrong. Or it could be the source of the problems. And the fact that a wolf is a pack animal calls to mind that it is the alpha, dictating the outcome of each scene it is in. 3 years of English literature at uni not gone to waste right there!

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  1. We’re were travelling – so we commented late but saw the post write away (kinda – but the internet was week)! When we arrived to our destination (and got the WiFi code 😂) – we just have to comment on your beautifully well written stories!

    We love ourselves a bit of wolves! Even though this Wolf seems more like depression… Something weighing down on him..? We feel that’s what he calls his depression/sadness…unless we’re wrong and he turns into a werewolf?😅

    As usual – love your stories and hopefully we’ll get the time to read nexts weeks story! If not, we’ll eventually get to ot!😊😊

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    1. No worries at all, you both are too lovely. Thank you for reading as always! ❤️ The wolf is definitely meant more as an emblem than a physical creature. No real werewolves this time, but I have a feeling they might surface sometime. Have a wonderful time travelling! 😊

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