Music Recs: Reignwolf, Joyous Wolf, Hozier

Music Recs is an attempt at regular Friday content, the sharing of good music that I found this week, and honestly, just an excuse to promote my favourite old/new bands.

Reignwolf – Are You Satisfied?

Like rock n’ roll? Pick this album up, stat. Led by amazing blues guitarist Jordan Cook, Reignwolf’s Hear Me Out has March off to an incredible start. His latest work rings with might, blowing expectations out of the water. It is rumoured that those who do not crank Are You Satisfied? up to 11, are likely guilty of blasphemy.

Joyous Wolf – Mississippi Queen

Mountain’s Mississippi Queen is a hell of a track. Keeping the classic mostly intact, Joyous Wolf’s rendition did it justice – and then some more. The random cover has since raised several questions. How is Nick Reese doing that thing with his vocals? Where are all these young talents coming from? When are we getting that debut album? *inserts Take My Money meme*

Hozier – Shrike

The first non-wolf related artiste on here needs no introduction. Perhaps, just a reminder. After all, it has been five long years since Hozier’s last album. Remember Take Me To Church, all 260 million viewers of that powerful video? Now, the singer/poet/heartbreaker is finally back with a musical and lyrical triumph in Wasteland, Baby!. I would write more about my favourite tracks on this. But his soulful voice has already melted me into a puddle…

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