Music Recs: O.R.k., Bloodbound, Black Pistol Fire

Music Recs is an attempt at regular Friday content, the sharing of good music that I found this week, and honestly, just an excuse to promote my favourite old/new bands.

O.R.k. (feat. Serj Tankian) – Black Blooms

System of a Down may not be releasing a new album anytime soon, but Serj Tankian is certainly still going strong. This time, he teams up with progressive band O.R.k., lending his prowess to their talent. Black Blooms is but one of several indelibly melancholic masterworks off Ramagehead, and LEF does well enough on his own. Even so, his emotionally charged vocal truly finds no better complement than Tankian’s powerful voice.

Bloodbound – The Warlock’s Trail

The best power metal albums often tell grand stories as good as – if not better than – that we see on screen. It appears that Bloodbound has done so yet again with their upcoming album Rise of the Dragon Empire. They join the ranks of 2019’s best fantasy-inspired releases, including Rhapsody of Fire’s The Eighth Mountain and Týr’s Hel. Metalheads with a penchant for mythology-inspired music may just have a new favourite year.

Black Pistol Fire – Level

Hardworking duo Black Pistol Fire is back with another, just less than two years after the all-killer Deadbeat Graffiti in 2017. Three minutes is all they need to reassure us that their latest effort retains all of their best sound. Cheap shots, low blows, what do you take me for? Level launches quick into their defiant proclamation, with the solid riffs and beats to match. If this is any slight indication of what is to come, I would say we are in for a celestial treat.


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