Music Recs: Ren, FFDP, Hacktivist

Ren – Jenny’s Tale

Sometimes, all you need is a guitar, a story, and an insane amount of ungodly talent. Ren proves it, singing his macabre tale of Jenny on the streets of Brighton with not much beyond his striking spoken word and flair for theatrical lyric.

Part murder ballad and part alternative anthem, his infectiously rhythmic composition bursts with powerful emotion and staying power. This is no one-off either; there is much devastating beauty in his other personal works. Ren is one to watch.

Five Finger Death Punch – Blue On Black

What could go wrong with a Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band cover that features Kenny Wayne Shepherd himself, Brantley Gilbert, and Brian May? Absolutely nothing.

Rock, country, and blues find a perfect union in Five Finger Death Punch’s revamped cover of a cover, this time for a charitable cause; proceeds go to the Gary Sinise Foundation in support of veterans and first responders.

Hacktivist – Reprogram

Last year was a downer for Hacktivist when they had to part ways with their founding guitarist Timfy James. It is incredibly exciting to see the band whole again, this time with James Hewitt of metalcore outfits Invocation and Exist Immortal.

Hacktivist’s latest song presents timely critique, tackling our modern society’s dangerous obsession with pop culture and technology. Rap metal may not get the best reputation, but if these guys do not change your mind, nothing will.

Bonus: Nyango Star – シミ

I’m not sure what’s going on here. But this is amazing. Not all heroes wear capes, I suppose.

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