Music Recs: Dirty Honey, Black Coffee, Northlane

Dirty Honey – Fire Away

They have toured alongside Goodbye June, Slash, and The Who. Dirty Honey is rapidly gaining ground in the rock scene, as they should. Just listen to their first EP, chock full of bangers from the heavy riff-driven When I’m Gone, to soulful ballad Down The Road.

For the uninitiated, Fire Away is the perfect place to start. This is modern rock at its finest, with frontman Marc Labelle’s stellar vocals on display. Could Myles Kennedy have finally met his match? 😉

Black Coffee – I Barely Know Her

Black Coffee is the perfect way to start your day. The Ohio-based trio brings the 1970s to 2019 with confidence and plenty of attitude, shredding tight solos over punchy drum hits and solid vocals.

Taking notes from AC/DC and the likes, the hard rock outfit grips from the very first second and never lets loose. Take One is a short nine tracks to the end, but hell, a debut album with no notion of fillers – I’ll have it with no complaints.

Northlane – Bloodline

Line-up changes have not stopped the guys from moving forward. This August, metalcore band Northlane is set to release their new studio album Alien. If the first track is anything to go by, this just may be their compelling work yet.

I was raised in hell, I made it out by myself. Lyrically powerful, Bloodline sees vocalist Marcus Bridge delve deeper into personal territory and the dark history of violence that he has since risen above.

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