Music Recs: Samantha Fish, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Godsmack

Samantha Fish – Bulletproof

Immense talent Samantha Fish marks her sixth solo release this month, and her first single Bulletproof off the album exemplifies her very best. Backed by lyrical honesty on societal expectations, the single takes no time to rip into her insistent riff that urges one to move to the groove.

Under her lead, contemporary sentiments slip with ease into her traditional blues influences. This display of raw talent in songwriting (and guitar playing, of course) no doubt cements her as a true innovator in the beloved genre.

Joanne Shaw Taylor – Bad Love

2019 is the year for the women of blues, and Joanne Shaw Taylor joins the ranks with Reckless Heart. Her latest record is crammed full of bangers like Bad Love and my personal favourite All My Love, complementing neat guitar work with her gorgeously husky tone.

Her videos shows all there is to love about her. She bears no trace of artifice and knows exactly who she is. There is neither manufactured personality nor over-stylised aesthetic that plagues the modern charts. It is all just her, her axe, and her natural flair.

Godsmack – Under Your Scars

So many musicians have been lost to depression in the past years, it is amazing to see Godsmack help raise awareness of mental health issues with their music. Under Your Scars could not be a better choice to promote their cause with The Scars Foundation.

Showing the band’s genuine love and respect for their fans, the video lends new meaning to Sully’s beautifully written song that expresses one’s willingness to accept the scars of another.

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