Music Recs: Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry, Killswitch Engage

Alter Bridge – Wouldn’t You Rather

Between big tours and album releases, does Myles Kennedy ever get time to sleep? While we may never know the true answer, we say cheers to the tireless music man for never failing in his delivery of consistent bangers.

Following his solo debut, he returns to Alter Bridge, working towards their sixth studio album Walk the Sky. Their first single Wouldn’t You Rather proves an explosive anthem, with Kennedy’s impossible vocals on an addictive refrain matched by Tremonti’s stunning heavy riffs.

Black Stone Cherry – Me and the Devil Blues

Black Stone Cherry may have a golden trove of original material, but Black to Blues is no doubt one of their best works. On stage and off, the Southern rock band continually finds the opportunity to pay tribute to their influences, keeping the best of blues alive.

These are not just covers. They are passionate reinterpretations of Muddy Waters and Willie Nixon classics for a modern rock audience, complete with their own distinctive sound. This rendition of Robert Johnson’s Me and the Devil Blues is no different.

Killswitch Engage – The Signal Fire

There is strength in unity, or so this moment in metal(core) history shows. Fresh off Killswitch Engage’s new release, The Signal Fire marks the celebrated return of ex-vocalist Howard Jones to their full current line-up.

It is one thing to listen to the thundering stunner, and another to actually see the frontmen trade vocals. The first and incumbent vocalist Jesse Leach complements Jones so incredibly well, we wish there could be room for two before the mic.

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