#QuarantineAndChill: Free (legal) entertainment and education online.

Not everyone can afford a dozen cable channels. Thankfully, the Internet provides. Here is a list of my favourite free and legal platforms, where you can access movies, music, books, and lessons from the comfort of your homes.

The services are available in Singapore where I live, and mostly accessible in other countries. This is for anyone out there, who may be under quarantine or staying home during the COVID-19 outbreak. Be safe, and stay sane!

Binge on movies and series:

Plan your trials strategically to stream more movies for free:

Streaming Service Free Paid Subscription (/mth)
Amazon Prime Video 30-day trial S$2.99
CatchPlay+ 10 selected movies per month From S$9.90
HBO GO Asia 7-day trial / first season of 15 shows from Apr 15 – May 15 From S$13.98
HOOQ 30-day trial From S$4.90
Netflix 30-day trial From S$11.98
Viu (Asian content) Selected series with ads From S$7.98
Prices are in SGD.

Watch quality short films:

Listen to music and podcasts:

Take virtual tours of arts venues and enjoy “live” performances:

Load up your Kindles or phones with e-books and audiobooks:

Learn about the world via YouTube Edu or these channels:

Attend university lectures online:

Learn new languages:

Play the guitar:

Make good art:

7 thoughts on “#QuarantineAndChill: Free (legal) entertainment and education online.”

  1. Thank you for this comprehensive list. Never before have I been so desperate to detach from the news and social media. Re-learning math or re-taking a language course has never sounded so good! And Planet eBook is a life saver! Couldn’t find my copies of 1984 (no reason!) or Great Gatsby so that link is a godsend I never knew about.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Adrian, hope all is well with you. So glad you found this list useful! 🙂 Planet eBook has a great collection. Overdrive has been amazing for me too, I wouldn’t have discovered half the books I read without it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not gonna lie, quarantine’s been rough, but I’ve begun a new daily routine where I’m actively learning and engaging my brain instead of panic-reading the news. Figured this is an opportune time to re-read or discover good literature 🤓

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  2. You are awesome with a capital A. Taking a break from the reviews and writing to share this information and compile such a nice list is a cool thing to do. Thank you.

    So far we have managed, but cabin fever has crept in a couple of times and financially I can’t even describe it. My business currently is shut down, my wife’s too. My 20, 17, 10 and 6 year old daughters all out of school and the 17 year old furloughed from work as well, and my 20 year old sometimes making $8 a day in tips since she’s in food industry. And we have our 7 month boy, and my in-laws retired and here 24×7. The walls have closed in! But we’ve kept our sanity by extending screen time to the little ones, watching movies together as a family, playing a lot of board games, and their schools have online lessons for them.

    I’ll check out a few of these, and thanks again. Please stay safe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Tony! It was fun putting together the list. Hope it helps anyone out there looking for things to do, without putting a dent on their finances.

      It’s an awfully difficult situation to be in… I hope you and your family are coping well. Hang in there, and stay positive. Always here if you need a chat. Take good care!

      Liked by 1 person

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