Album Review: Geiger von Müller – Ruby Red Run / Real Great Escape

Much of modern blues rock tend to be drowned out by distortion and amplified volume. Not that the cartharsis isn’t its own merit, or that it is in any way, a problem at all. Still, it feels refreshing to enjoy a quieter genre performance in its barest form with nothing but an acoustic guitar, as though belonging to a different decade.

Such raw and unrestrained music necessitates utmost control, which is on full display in Geiger von Müller’s collection. Ruby Red Run! thrives on his impressive technique as the guitarist demonstrates his rare flair for articulations, approaching each note with deliberate intent. Fuelled by verve, his latest single Real Great Escape is a perfect showcase of that:

There’s more on the full album. Experimental in style, no two tracks are alike. Data Protocol Ruby, for instance, seems rooted in the influential sound of old delta blues, while Origins #3 ventures into a more contemporary sound that feels almost ethereal in its unique transitions. Every song resonates with their own singular character, such that one can easily forget that this is accomplished by a single instrument.

The fun titles each tell a story, though their individual meaning is otherwise left open in the absence of lyrics. No matter the eventual interpretation, it is easy to agree on the quality and musicality of these well-composed pieces. There is much to love about the unadulterated sound of the acoustic, made arresting by pure technical talent and an extra stroke of innovation.

Special thanks to Geiger von Müller for sharing his music with this site. Get a preview of Ruby Red Run!, and download the single Real Great Escape.

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