This is Jade, a self-confessed cinephile and audiophile among other things. After my ambition of becoming a time traveller was thwarted by the throes of reality, I moved to the Internet and have resided here ever since.

I blog from the tiny city-state of Singapore, where I also work full-time in the marketing field. The Ü happens to be my favourite letter in the alphabet. It is true that I am easily amused by things that look like faces.

I write original stories on Brimstone Tales. Clive Barker is my literary hero and possibly my favourite human being. When I am not writing, I enjoy playing riffs and skipping solos on my poorly tuned guitars. A typical good day to me means a great read with Led Zeppelin turned up to 11.

I am likely to trust anyone who likes Iron Maiden.

A picture of me in my natural habitat.

Most days, I…

  • think about the reasons for my existence,
  • enjoy trips, swims, or daydreams,
  • obsess over movies of a man who loves feet and says ‘all right’ a lot,
  • hunt demons and psychoanalyse cannibals.


21 thoughts on “About”

  1. I was introduced to your blog through a mutual friend of ours, Dennis, who had told me about this girl who lent him “god is not Great”. So here I am, a fellow atheist and admirer of Hitch, fascinated by you and yours words and thoughts, and inspired enough in fact to dabble this set of ten fingers once again at blog-writing.

    Hope to hear from you.


  2. Oops, apparently there is some confusion on my part. It’s a funny story. Dennis lied to me about your lending him the book so that he can escape the moral rebuke he thinks I will give him when I learn that he procured it through piracy and thereby denying the Hitchens estate their rightful royalties. Sorry. Hope I have cleared whatever vacuum of awkwardness and confusion there is.


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