Music Recs #12: Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry, Killswitch Engage

Alter Bridge – Wouldn’t You Rather

Between big tours and album releases, does Myles Kennedy ever get time to sleep? While we may never know the true answer, we say cheers to the tireless music man for never failing in his delivery of consistent bangers.

Following his solo debut, he returns to Alter Bridge, working towards their sixth studio album Walk the Sky. Their first single Wouldn’t You Rather proves an explosive anthem, with Kennedy’s impossible vocals on an addictive refrain matched by Tremonti’s stunning heavy riffs.

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Music Recs #11: Samantha Fish, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Godsmack

Samantha Fish – Bulletproof

Immense talent Samantha Fish marks her sixth solo release this month, and her first single Bulletproof off the album exemplifies her very best. Backed by lyrical honesty on societal expectations, the single takes no time to rip into her insistent riff that urges one to move to the groove.

Under her lead, contemporary sentiments slip with ease into her traditional blues influences. This display of raw talent in songwriting (and guitar playing, of course) no doubt cements her as a true innovator in the beloved genre.

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Music Recs #10: Palaye Royale, Toli Wild, Larkin Poe

Palaye Royale – Fucking With My Head

To a sucker for catchy choruses and Britpop/glam influences, two-parter album Boom Boom Room will simply never be enough. So thank Palaye Royale for churning out a new single less than a year after Side B’s release.

Despite the lack of lyrical content, the infectiously impassioned accusations has us willingly overlook the minor infraction. Fucking with my Head is an absolute banger that thrives on attitude alone; them being great fun to watch is just a bonus.

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Music Recs #9: Hollywood Vampires, The Raconteurs, Sum 41

Hollywood Vampires – The Boogieman Surprise

Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Joe Perry form Hollywood Vampires, the oddest super group that no one should complain about. Their album Rise shows the reasons why, bringing out the best of the musicians.

In covers, Depp’s timbre works perfect for David Bowie’s Heroes. Perry’s does the same for Johnny Thunders’ You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory. Original material The Boogieman Surprise and Mr. Spider feel almost like spiritual b-sides of Welcome to the Nightmare, and it is certainly any Cooper fan’s poison.

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Music Recs #8: Dirty Honey, Black Coffee, Northlane

Dirty Honey – Fire Away

They have toured alongside Goodbye June, Slash, and The Who. Dirty Honey is rapidly gaining ground in the rock scene, as they should. Just listen to their first EP, chock full of bangers from the heavy riff-driven When I’m Gone, to soulful ballad Down The Road.

For the uninitiated, Fire Away is the perfect place to start. This is modern rock at its finest, with frontman Marc Labelle’s stellar vocals on display. Could Myles Kennedy have finally met his match? 😉

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Music Recs #7: Ren, FFDP, Hacktivist

Ren – Jenny’s Tale

Sometimes, all you need is a guitar, a story, and an insane amount of ungodly talent. Ren proves it, singing his macabre tale of Jenny on the streets of Brighton with not much beyond his striking spoken word and flair for theatrical lyric.

Part murder ballad and part alternative anthem, his infectiously rhythmic composition bursts with powerful emotion and staying power. This is no one-off either; there is much devastating beauty in his other personal works. Ren is one to watch.

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