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New Year’s Irresolute Resolutions

I once believed that resolutions can only mean setting myself up for failure and have never been one to make them. But I am not the same person I was. Much less when I was a mere leech, flashing about staunch erroneous beliefs with unearned self-importance.

Now, I see beyond the reflection on the mirror and understand who I really am. That someone sadly relishes solitude, revels in insecurities, and never sidesteps but plunges deep into darkness. Reading that again, it sounds like I am about to take a blade to my throat. But here is the thing. That was me and isn’t anymore.

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2016 and the Incongruence of Life Advices

2016 is officially four days old. Is it just sentimentality, or does time truly hasten with age?

In 2015, I have made more friends, watched more films, and officially graduated. I have also been fortunate to meet Enforcer, Anthelion (again, after seven years) and Miljenko Matijevic.

Work started (being an adult) and I unfortunately have not seen as many films as I would like to. Or written much about them for that matter. If I had to come up with a favourites list, it would run like this:

5. Bone Tomahawk
4. The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
3. The Martian
2. Mad Max: Fury Road
1. Ex Machina (Look at the picture! I am terrible with surprises.)

For the record, I have indeed seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens… and I will risk my life to post my pedantic views in the coming week. Of course, there is The Hateful Eight, which I will only get to see and praise later this month.

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Happy 2015!

It’s 2015! Where has the year gone?

2014 was a particularly good one for me. Meeting Paul Di’Anno and 2Cellos were especially wonderful. (I got to ask Stjepan Hauser if he could play some Led Zeppelin on the next album!)

Meeting Paul Di’Anno

While travelling for the first time – ever – topped it off.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Not forgetting, graduation is in the cards this July. So I have that to look forward to.

On the film end, the year has been kind with some very fine ventures. I had missed tons of potentially brilliant titles, some as of yet unreleased. Joining the long watch-list are The Theory of Everything, Locke, The Double, Whiplash, Snowpiercer, Nightcrawler… and that barely covers half of it. Now, to catch up…

With way too many ‘Best of’ lists out there and so many films unseen, I have decided to forgo posting my own. InterstellarGone Girl – you know which are the obvious choices that should be on your watchlist. 

But more reviews are of course, a-coming. I am really excited to write about some fantastic films I had seen over the past few weeks, including The Babadook and Predestination. So, let’s hope the new year gets busy, but not too busy.

Happy new year to all! 🙂

Countries don’t divide people. People do.

A group of Hong Kong residents have placed an advertisement in a popular tabloid calling people from mainland China ‘locusts’. The term is an insult commonly used on the web by some of the city’s residents to refer to mainlanders.


Blatant xenophobia has worsened in recent years. Internet forums amplify anti-Chinese sentiments, labelling them as a ‘nuisance’ and a ‘disease’. Other nationalities, including Malaysians, had all at some point been equal victims of the blame game. A slew of personal experiences posted online, places the blame for the actions of some Chinese individuals on an entire country.

In Singapore, we often speak up against racism of other ethnic races. Some of us have ourselves, suffered discrimination in one form or another. Yet today, there is only silence and condonation when the attack falls upon the foreigners.

It is easy to blame an other, but is it untrue that our place of origin cannot define us as a whole? Even if we are culturally different, our birthplaces can never make us less than human.

“All penguins are the same below the surface, which I think is as perfect an analogy as we’re likely to get for the futility of racism.”

– Russell Brand

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How to lose the Web and alienate users.

Piracy has plagued the entertainment industry for many years, and there are no real solutions hitherto. The ongoing battle saw the demise of file-sharing giant Megaupload as similar sites ostensibly took a step back.

But as time passes, it is clear that the takedown did little to stop downloads through other means. That is even if Megaupload founder Dotcom may face a jail term of up to 50 years, a charge more severe than criminal cases that cause bodily harm. (x)

We are now seeing sweeping legislations in ACTA (Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement), SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act). Yet few are as concerned about these as they should be. The Internet is a free space for expression and the acceptance of such legal intervention piles onto the surveillance culture.

As such controls govern and bound the Internet, free information is at stake. Our online privacy faces a huge threat. To find the right solutions, the real problem needs to be identified. We must take a closer look at downloading as an issue on the whole.

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A passer-by’s guide to happiness.

Friendships fall apart for painfully slight reasons. We find things to dislike about each other, falling out or growing apart over time. While hatred hardly ever grows into love, love never fails to end in dislike or apathy.

Sometimes, we get mad and anger flows in a mad rush. Forgiveness contrastingly comes in light trickles. It almost seems that we are predisposed to welcome the negative, more than we do choose to accept the positive.

We are not perfect. We make bad decisions, reckless choices and wrong moves, too. And like every individual, we have a better side of ourselves. People change and have the capacity to change. Rather than judging temporary mistakes, why are we averse to learning to see the best in each other?

Sadness is often described to be endless and ceaseless in its revisit. Happiness goes by in a fleeting moment, always missed more than ever enjoyed. We feel happy, then notice the “what ifs”. If only. Would have been. The great perhaps.

Contentment for the present never lasts, desire for the future never lessens. At the end of the day, we are again lamenting on how things could be better, instead of taking comfort in what we now have.

What we never seem to be able to understand is how to appreciate and live in the moment. If there is a better “could have been” and there always will be, we work towards it while taking pride in how far we have come.

Sometimes, we need someone to help us through the inevitable bad thoughts. Sometimes, we step up to be that someone. When we fall into darkness, we are seldom able to see the light without guidance.