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Short Stories

Short Stories
Cemetery Gates – “There is a place that lies deep within the forest, where the children sleep through the morning lull and the midday sun. Past the cemetery gates, we see their tiny, silent homes that we call tombs.”

Ghost of Days Gone By – “I looked back at my home and for a while, could not pull myself away. Leaving was no easy thing to do. This was where I had spent four happy years together with my family, before everything fell apart.”

Ravenous – “Rain fell that night. Rafe and I drank from the dark skies for the first time in weeks. We embraced, but our smiles did not last. As comforting as the weather had been, it did put out the last of the fire we built. A makeshift tent was no match for wrathful winds either.”

Running from Shadows – “The Black Wolf treads behind me. It keeps its pace, slow with patience and steady with purpose. My heart is palpitating, hurrying my tired feet that refuse to cooperate. After all, this tango with The Wolf is one that had gone on for far too long.”

Blood Moon Rising – “It has healed pretty well, hasn’t it? Right here, below my blind eye. You can still see that white scar, even if it’s fading little by little each day. Of course, I wish I didn’t have this to begin with. Seeing it every morning in the mirror doesn’t exactly bring back good memories, does it?”

How The World Ended – “This is the story of how the world, as we know it, comes to an end. There are no foreboding clouds, no grey skies. The morning sky basks in the sun’s glow as though lit on fire, even if the breeze feels cold on my skin.”

A Ghost Story – “They’re coming for me. I can feel the mad sirens howl, sending a steady pulse through the floorboards. I am hopeful for peace, though I am not sure if that is what freedom will bring me.”

Where Imagination Lives – “Mournful cries crawled the walls, and sharp screeching bounced off the ceiling. That was all the thousands of Dwellers had ever lived to know – an oblong room with nothing but four red walls, a dirt-caked ceiling, and a grimy floor.”

In the Shadow of the Gallows Pole – “For a month, he had already imagined the worst for his daughter Yue. He could not bear to hear the dreadful news stated in fact, and set in stone. What could anyone possibly say that might ease his heartache?”

Devil’s Waiting – “For years, summary executions have been routine in the city of Vouna. There are no trials, no judges. President Arete has given the police force full authority – to purge every man he deems a sinner. That was what the voters had wanted, until they saw what it truly meant.”

Strayed in Nowhere – “The world wasn’t always darkness. In fact, the last thing you remember was white light. Mesmerising, blinding light of the brightest might. Then came the time when there was nothing but black.”

Duality – “Letting my last cigarette fall to the floor, I slip into Helena’s favourite night club by the back door. The sudden rush of electronic noise and flashing lights makes me wince. Ignoring the growing throb in my head, I sit by the bar and scan through the mess of dark shadows lost in reverie. Lee isn’t there.”

War is Hell – “With fear is no way to live for a child. But in Spero’s world, survival is the only way he has ever known. This is what war does. It moulds tired soldiers out of the innocent, heedless of age.”

Bedtime Monsters – “The boy eventually found belonging. The group was one that was different all right, and he snugged tight in it. He never told anyone, because this was a group that he knew no one could and would understand. He knew that it was to be his secret, for what is misunderstood is easily denied.”

Into the Mirror Black – “In strangers we meet, tales we read and words we heed, inspiration inhabits every corner of our lives if we know where to look. Sooner than later, melodious notes assemble familiar tunes and stories end up descending into unintended pastiche.”

Silent Night – “Mona danced around some dried firewood, humming a melody. Her tiny voice sung the first few notes in tune. Her wandering mind made up the rest. She barely remembered the words to it or how the song went. She wished she did.”

Insomnia – “She laid awake, ceaseless noises of the night crawling under her skin. A pendulum swinging in the distance. The hum of wires that stretched along walls. Hungry stray dogs howling. Every little sound trickled through each pore of those thin walls in her mind.”

The Railway Dream – “Fog hangs over my reality and green light smothers my dreams. Before me is that same train again. It stands still and quiet, as it always did. Déjà vu conjures disquiet of how familiar this is, and the instinct to escape. But every part of me was numb and rooted, my mind in a trance.”

Roadkill – “Jason watched the leaves scatter from his windshield, his mind absent. Minutes passed before he pushed a cassette mix tape into the radio. The deafening volume ripped through the speakers. He sped along the dark empty road, his silence ill at ease against the loud music.”

It Came from Hell – “The man got down on one knee, but nothing ever went as planned. Instead of a simple answer, the woman poured a river of sharp revelations. His naivety and her whim wrecked a future that they both knew would have been perfect.”

The Planchette – “Never look back, he had said that night. If only he could trust himself once more. The rock he marked the spot with shimmered red in his memories. In his fogged vision, all that remained was a dark maroon. He knelt, fixing his eyes on the planchette on the dust-ridden board.”

A Night Train to Nowhere – “The announcer recites each station’s name with arrogant monotony. In the darkness, she wakes from light sleep, in time for the sound of the train doors closing. She listens, waiting for the familiar hissing noise, before the machinery begins to tremble again.”

Mind Games – “This was the day that Joey celebrated his fifth birthday. His mother had wished on his behalf that he might speak a word someday. If only she knew that it was never going to come true, for he had made a wish before she did. She was never going to learn about his wish, or about him.”

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