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Movie Review: X-Men – Apocalypse (2016)

X-Men: Apocalypse (dir. Bryan Singer, 2016) – Mutants unite against the ancient and all-powerful En Sabah Nur, who plans to rebuild civilisation by annihilating the human race.


Massive destruction fails to disguise an underwritten debut of the world’s first and most powerful mutant.



In the beginning, there was En Sabah Nur. Men worshipped him. They had witnessed his limitless powers and believed him to be almighty. But in time, he was betrayed by renegades, buried and forgotten.

Then came 1983. Unwitting apostles rouse En Sabah Nur from his long gestating dream of remaking modern civilisation. Against the world that once debased him, he rises as the bringer of armageddon, or the Apocalypse.

Following First Class and Days of Future Past, the X-Men are off to a new world war in Apocalypse, its title promising colossal destruction. Against the seasoned mutant team, Apocalypse builds his own army of soldiers to hold his fort. Storm, Angel, Psylocke and Magneto – his Horsemen make four, echoing the jarring cameo of a Metallica jam.

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