Book Reviews: June 2021 Reads

Can you believe half of the year is almost over? Hope you are close to your reading goals, or at least found a new favourite book along the way. From perturbing horror to high fantasy, here are two vastly different choices I’ve made this month.

The Consumer (Michael Gira, 1996)

The Consumer

There’s a point when you wake up from a drunk, in perfect clarity. The synapses in your brain feel greased, and the distinction between your subconscious and conscious mind evaporates . A point where everything is hyper-vivid, your intelligence humming at maximum capacity, like a meditating Buddhist acolyte overwhelmed with sudden white light attainment.

Vile, disturbing, and unnerving. Michael Gira’s most prominent work has certainly earned its notoriety. The Consumer is the darkest collection of mad short stories that you may ever read, taking the worst things you can imagine and multiply it sevenfold.

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