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Movie Review: Christopher Robin (2018)

Christopher Robin (dir. Marc Forster, 2018) – An adult Christopher Robin is about to rediscover the important things in life, decades after leaving the Hundred Acre Wood behind in memory.


Christopher Robin bears warmth in its portrayal of endearing friendships and its meaningful, if simple, message on life.



Not to be confused with the autobiographical Goodbye Christopher Robin, Christopher Robin has naught to do with the real-life inspiration for the A. A. Milne creation. Rather, the re-imagining roots itself in fiction and aspires to be little more than a new chapter for the familiar yellow fur friend.

The plot is simple. A now grown-up Christopher Robin (Ewan McGregor) suffers the ordinary troubles of the everyman, who falls into the trap of the working class and neglects his family for business. His wife and daughter tire of his broken promises, when he again sits out a family vacation in favour of work.

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