Movie Review: The Beast Stalker / Ching Yan (2008)

Beast Stalker / Ching Yan (dir. Dante Lam, 2017) – A reckless young cop gets into a severe car accident during a police chase that changes lives of its victims.


Ching Yan directly translates to ‘Witness’. In a misguided move to draw fans of Dante Lam’s previous film Beast Cops, it was deliberately mistranslated into Beast Stalker, a misnomer that misses its mark entirely. But look past the b-movie title, and what you will get are the reasons why Hong Kong directors have remained at the forefront of action cinema for years.

Crime syndicates roam the city of bustling markets and works-in-progress, where the story begins in the midst of a police operation. The team barges into action and almost suffers its losses. When Sun (Liu Kai-chi) takes a bullet in his vest, Sergeant Tong Fei (Nicholas Tse) severely berates Michael (Derek Kok) for his nearly fatal mistake. It is the perfect introduction to Fei, whose hotheaded personality eventually drives him to a second mistake – his own.

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