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Series Review: Stranger Things (2016)

Stranger Things (dir. Duffer Brothers, 2016) – A young boy disappears in small town Hawkins. To find him, his family and friends are forced to confront unknown terrors…


Taking cues from its 80s influences without falling into pastiche, Stranger Things stands as proof that there are far better alternatives to remakes.



There is a new Stephen King classic that isn’t created by Stephen King. Matt and Ross Duffer are the Gans of the King-esque Stranger Things, a Netflix eight-parter that has gone to 11 where recent horror films hover at 10.

Set in 1983, the series follows the sudden disappearance of 12-year-old Will Byers, which sparks off strange happenings in Hawkins, Indiana. Joyce Byers hears whispers from the walls and believes her son is reaching out from a world beyond. Shadows of Videodrome and Poltergeist cast over the suburban tale of terror, as she soon hears him singing through the radio.

Three kids – Mike, Dustin and Lucas – join the desperate search for their missing friend. Instead, they find a young girl in their path. They come to know her as Eleven and grow interested in her secretive past. Therein lies answers that she does not know or dare to reveal.

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