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Movie Review: Dracula Untold (2014)

Dracula Untold (dir. Gary Shore, 2014) – When Turk warlord Mehmed demands from Prince Vlad a thousand boys and his son for an army, Vlad seeks a power to protect his kingdom at a terrible cost.


Reanimated in the vein of CG-driven dark fantasy action, Dracula makes an unexciting return for the telling of a barren, forgettable origins story.



After Vlad’s meagre 200 on-screen incarnations, the classic vampire mythology has found new life in Gary Shore’s feature film debut Dracula Untold. In this reinvented history that nobody asked for, trouble stirs when Ottoman warlord Mehmed (Dominic Cooper) demands a tribute of a thousand boys from Prince Vlad Dracula (Luke Evans) to build his army.

To protect his son and defend his kingdom, Vlad resorts to seeking out the Master Vampire (Charles Dance) to usurp unearthly powers. As with all wishes granted, it comes with a dangerous cost: the risk of his releasing and becoming of a monster.

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