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Movie Review: Taxidermia (2006)

Taxidermia (dir. György Pálfi, 2006)  – From the Second World War to modern-day, three generations thread a visually and metaphorically striking narrative.


Disturbing themes in Taxidermia fascinate with a striking portrayal of dark wit, though most may flinch at the blunt displays of moral degradation.



A military orderly, a speed-eater, and a taxidermist walk into a movie. Connected only by inter-generational ties, the disjointed pieces oddly enough find themselves seamlessly sewn together in the unusual narrative of Taxidermia.

Director György Pálfi is no doubt a man of great imagination. His odd fever dream features fantastical surrealism more violent than The Holy Mountain, and nightmarish body horror only surpassed by Tetsuo: The Iron Man. But there is no fair comparison for this distinct movie that drives unflinchingly into the darkest corners of humanity.

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