Movie Review: Hawking (2004)

Hawking (dir. Philip Martin, 2004) – At the age of 21, Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with motor neurone disease, which never impeded his ground-breaking work on the nature of the universe. 


Faithfully documenting famed physicist Stephen Hawking’s journey, this engaging biopic gains credibility in Benedict Cumberbatch’s fine performance.



In the first on-screen dramatisation of Stephen Hawking’s life, Hawking takes us through the famed physicist’s early years as a budding PhD student at Cambridge University. The BBC television film faithfully chronicles his undying persistence in his scientific endeavours, throughout the difficult years of his struggle with motor-neuron disease.

Depicting both his achievements in physics and his determination to overcome his condition, the moving story acquaints us with the man behind the science. Therein lies an emotional exploration of an enduring romance, in the form of his loving relationship with his first wife Jane Hawking.

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