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Movie Review: The Theory of Everything (2014)

The Theory of Everything (dir. James Marsh, 2014) – The biographical movie portrays the early years of accomplished physicist Stephen Hawking and his relationship with Jane Wilde.


Heartfelt and moving, The Theory of Everything sincerely portrays Stephen Hawking’s relationship in the face of adversity, one of many facets in his extraordinary life.



In 2004, BBC’s Hawking starred Benedict Cumberbatch in an understated performance as the titular scientist. The refined biopic chronicles Stephen Hawking’s early years – from his unyielding battle against motor-neuron disease, his persistence in scientific breakthroughs with preceding debates, to his loving relationship with Jane Wilde.

Ten years later, Eddie Redmayne takes on the same subject in James Marsh’s The Theory of Everything, another polished retelling of the famed physicist’s inspiring life. Despite their overlap in source, it is not easy to compare which film did better. Each had its own spots of brilliance in their respective recounts and memorable leads.

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