Movie Review: Christopher Robin (2018)

Christopher Robin (dir. Marc Forster, 2018) – An adult Christopher Robin is about to rediscover the important things in life, decades after leaving the Hundred Acre Wood behind in memory.


Christopher Robin bears warmth in its portrayal of endearing friendships and its meaningful, if simple, message on life.



Not to be confused with the autobiographical Goodbye Christopher Robin, Christopher Robin has naught to do with the real-life inspiration for the A. A. Milne creation. Rather, the re-imagining roots itself in fiction and aspires to be little more than a new chapter for the familiar yellow fur friend.

The plot is simple. A now grown-up Christopher Robin (Ewan McGregor) suffers the ordinary troubles of the everyman, who falls into the trap of the working class and neglects his family for business. His wife and daughter tire of his broken promises, when he again sits out a family vacation in favour of work.

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Movie Review: Stranger than Fiction (2006)

Stranger Than Fiction (dir. Marc Forster, 2006) – When Harold Crick hears a voice narrating his life in his head, he is determined to find who the author is, to prevent his potential death.


While reminiscent of Adaptation., Stranger than Fiction holds its own as an inspirational dramedy, full of warmth and enchantment.



There are two things in life for certain: death and taxes. No one knows this better than Harold Crick (Will Ferrell). The skilled auditor goes about his ordinary routine of his numbers trade, until the day that an author’s voice in his head foretells his imminent death.

This pitch may seem like Charlie Kaufman’s territory, but writer Zach Helm’s enchanting meta-fiction has its own charm. Taking a light approach akin to The Truman ShowStranger than Fiction still draws upon thoughtful philosophy, as its leading man grapples with his new understanding of reality.

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Movie Review: World War Z (2013)

World War Z (dir. Marc Foster, 2013) – United Nations employee Gerry Lane races against time to find the cure to the zombie plague.


Loved World War Z by Max Brooks? Leave your expectations at the door and walk in with a small appetite for cheap thrills.


World War Z bases its title off the Max Brooks novel. That is about as far as the similarities go. While the book reinvented the Z-genre with gripping accounts and clever political commentary, its movie adaptation is having none of that. Instead, we get a straightforward hero narrative – and with it, a disappointed frown.

But the die has been cast. We can only hope for an unrelated spin-off to leap into mockumentary territory in the near future. Or better yet, a proper telly series. Meanwhile, we shall make do with the derivative plot that wastes no time and bolts straight into havoc. Grand set pieces guaranteed.

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