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Movie Review: World War Z (2013)

World War Z (dir. Marc Foster, 2013) – United Nations employee Gerry Lane races against time to find the cure to the zombie plague.


Loved World War Z by Max Brooks? Leave your expectations at the door and walk in with a small appetite for cheap thrills.


World War Z bases its title off the Max Brooks novel. That is about as far as the similarities go. While the book reinvented the Z-genre with gripping accounts and clever political commentary, its movie adaptation is having none of that. Instead, we get a straightforward hero narrative – and with it, a disappointed frown.

But the die has been cast. We can only hope for an unrelated spin-off to leap into mockumentary territory in the near future. Or better yet, a proper telly series. Meanwhile, we shall make do with the derivative plot that wastes no time and bolts straight into havoc. Grand set pieces guaranteed.

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