Series Review: Misfits (2009)

Misfits (by Howard Overman, 2009) – During their community service, a freak storm grants five delinquents odd, dangerous abilities.


The Misfits are here saving the superhero genre from banality with wit and humour.



The superhero trend keeps a-rolling. The novelty of the genre seems to be fading. Popular originals are exhausted. Sequels fall back onto classic comic series for overused heroes and villains alike. Armed with a couple of good ideas, the freshly cancelled Heroes banded a refreshing gang, only to jump the shark early in the game.

Of course, there has been some successful *cough*Batman*cough* exceptions. But some new faces would be great to see. Enter the young Misfits, here to revive the tired genre and break the lasting monotony.

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