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Movie Review: Nightcrawler (2014)

Nightcrawler (dir. Dan Gilroy, 2014) – In search for work, Louis Bloom nosedives into the complex world of crime journalism.


Nightcrawler offers a riveting exploration of news-depicted violence, driven by Jake Gyllenhaal’s chilling and sociopathic lead performance.



Persistence is rewarding in the journalism field, which necessitates a firm chase after newsworthy stories. But who defines the line that should not be crossed? How much should the public be told, and when should one look away?

A camera can turn into a weapon, when ideals of objectivity face the threat of an inconclusive debate: Are we to intervene at the cost of documentation, or document the truth at the risk of lives?

Nightcrawler deals head-on with these lasting ethical conundrums and more, raising difficult questions that grip. Exploring grey areas of morality, Dan Gilroy’s movie boldly shadows a central character who is admirable in his driven nature, yet despicable in his conniving actions.

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