Movie Review: Pig (2021)

Pig (dir. Michael Sarnoski, 2021) – When his foraging pig is kidnapped, Robin Feld returns from the wilderness to the city in search for answers that may lie in his past.


It is difficult to review Pig for there is no better way to enjoy it than going in blind. Implying vengeance in the making, Michael Sarnoski’s directorial debut soon subverts expectations of its initial premise, shifting gear from an ostensible thriller to a meditative character study with depth and compassion.

The story begins with the quiet solitary life of Rob (Nicolas Cage), who lives in the far wilderness with a truffle-hunting pig. We begin to wonder who he once was and what had driven him into isolation, especially when a young man Amir (Alexx Wolf) shows up at his door in contrastingly gaudy fashion.

Rob waits in stony silence as he trades Amir his truffles for necessities, impatient for the trader to leave and his comforting quietude to return. But what he wants doesn’t last. One single bad night leaves him bloodied and distraught, when strangers break into his home and snatch his pig. Springing back into the city that he had left for ten years, he ropes in a reluctant Amir in search of his only companion.

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