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How to lose the Web and alienate users.

Piracy has plagued the entertainment industry for many years, and there are no real solutions hitherto. The ongoing battle saw the demise of file-sharing giant Megaupload as similar sites ostensibly took a step back.

But as time passes, it is clear that the takedown did little to stop downloads through other means. That is even if Megaupload founder Dotcom may face a jail term of up to 50 years, a charge more severe than criminal cases that cause bodily harm. (x)

We are now seeing sweeping legislations in ACTA (Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement), SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act). Yet few are as concerned about these as they should be. The Internet is a free space for expression and the acceptance of such legal intervention piles onto the surveillance culture.

As such controls govern and bound the Internet, free information is at stake. Our online privacy faces a huge threat. To find the right solutions, the real problem needs to be identified. We must take a closer look at downloading as an issue on the whole.

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