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Movie Review: Godzilla Resurgence / Shin Gojira (2016)

Godzilla Resurgence / Shin Gojira (dir. Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi, 2016) – The rise of a giant monster plunges Tokyo in chaos as the Japanese government assembles an emergency cabinet. 


Not quite your typical Godzilla or kaiju movie, Shin Gojira satiates its appetite for politics first, destruction second.



Shin Gojira is not what one might expect from a Japanese kaiju feature. For one, the beast bears a different hide. Its title indicative of a new beginning, the movie reintroduces the famed monster through three evolutionary stages, before we meet him in his iconic bipedal form on land.

Though looking a little daft with googly eyes at the start, each transformation is more impressive than the last. In his final form, Gojira casts a pall of terror over Tokyo with presence alone. The creature design may be what Godzilla fans would love most about this reboot, or spiritual sequel if you will. Still, one striking difference will leave opinions divided.

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