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Book Review: The Dark Tower by Stephen King

The Dark Tower

Gunslinger (Stephen King, 1982) / The Dark Tower (Stephen King, 2004) – The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed. And so begins his quest fraught with danger towards the mythical Dark Tower.


It is the journey, not the destination that matters in Stephen King’s tour de force.



A year ago, I put down The Gunslinger with a disparaging, “That’s it?”

Surely there must be more to Stephen King’s acclaimed work than a meandering walk through the vast desert, I thought. How wrong I was to have dismissed the story this early on, and thankful I am to have persisted. I write on with minimal spoilers, in hopes that you yourself might embark on this journey towards The Dark Tower.

What lies at The Dark Tower, you might ask? That I cannot tell. What you can learn however, is who to follow. In The Drawing of the Three, Roland Deschain of Gilead finds his ka-tet in ex-heroin addict Eddie Dean, troubled child Jake Chambers and afflicted lady Susannah. He draws death and danger too, in search of the elusive Man in Black.

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