Short Film Review: Cargo

Walking corpses, dead meat, head shot – check. But this zombie film isn’t your usual body count highlight. More akin to 28 Days Later than Resident Evil, Cargo focuses less on the infected and centres instead on humanity.

The story takes place in the wake of a zombie apocalypse, where a father tries to seek safe haven for his infant daughter. The tale of one man’s struggle for another’s survival builds a gripping, meditative mood that draws a strong connection to its protagonist.

Stripped of the genre’s typical displays of bravado, quiet moments paint a poignant picture with captivating character-driven drama – something that the Walking Dead has been lacking for a while now.

Filmmakers Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke adeptly convey the meaningful and emotional drama, all within seven minutes and no dialogue. The unique horror piece plucks at heartstrings and won hearts.

It is no wonder that the Tropfest Australia 2013 finalist is still making its rounds in cyberspace. As the leading man races against his sombre imminence of death, the ending may leave one teary-eyed.