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Movie Review: Captain America – The Winter Soldier (2014)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (dir. The Russo Brothers, 2014) – Steve Rogers faces an unfamiliar era of moral complexities and a new threat from old history,  the Soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier.


Captain America‘s sequel at last assembles the right team, both on screen and off, and pushes for the grandeur that Steve Rogers deserves.



Waking to his home made foreign and estranged by time, the last 70 years of quintessential music and baseball history are probably the last thing on Cap’s mind.

Placing that list on the back burner, Steve Rogers finds plenty else to keep busy with. For one, the new era confounds him with a myriad vastly different ideals, at times draped in grey morality. Caught in the Gordian knot of civil liberties, he wrangles with the lasting conundrum of where freedom ends and fear begins.

Finesse lies in this clever exploitation of present-day anxieties that well resonate with the current reality of America’s political climate. The situation finds relevance in the modern age of surveillance, data leaks and drone warfare. Without diving too far into spoiler territory, the grounded premise lays the floor for a compelling political thriller that exceeds your typical comic book adaptation.

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