Here are some of my original short stories and poetry. For permission to republish, please contact me here.

The Midnight Lullaby
Luciana’s curiosity uncovers darker secrets behind her neighbour’s nightly lullaby.

Coming Undone
One inescapable night of terror unveils one man’s past of guilt.

Bedtime Monsters
In a seeming monster, young Reid finds a friend.

Cemetery Gates
No one sleeps forever.

Blood Moon Rising
A prisoner’s confessions to his tragic crime lead to the revelation of another.

A Ghost Story
All ghost stories possess a sliver of truth.

Devil’s Waiting
An unholy accord grants Arete rule over the city of Vouna – at a cost.

Lost on the cold mountains, a couple resorts to distressing measures for survival.

Into the Mirror Black
A struggling writer comes to face the men and women he murdered in ink.

Silent Night
In an abandoned town, young Mona spends another lonely Christmas that could well be her last.

Sleeplessness invites inexplicable terrors of the night, real or imagined.

Jason spends his days drinking, until one ends in blood.

It Came from Hell
A lovers’ spat leads the creature of Hell to its sole purpose.

The Planchette
An invocation is the most dangerous form of magic. Mason knew the risks.

A Night Train to Nowhere
From running, a young woman learns that all troubles can, and will, find their way back.

Fantasy/Science Fiction
The Lonely Hunter
Aina goes back in time to fix a blip that has haunted her for years.

The Ratconteur
A rat begins an absurd conversation with his unwitting and unwilling landlord.

How The World Ended
A scientist mistakenly believes that he created Life, when all he did, was to create its semblance.

Mind Games
What Joey had believed to be his imagination, turns out to be something stranger.

In the Shadow of the Gallows Pole
An elderly man grieves for his daughter, whose crime is but defending herself.

A woman plans revenge against the hoodlum responsible for her sister’s death.

War is Hell
In Spero’s bullet-ridden world, survival is the only way he has ever known.

Blinded by the Light
Alison takes in the beauty of the world that she is seeing for the last time.

Methods of Escape
Distractions keep bad thoughts away, if only temporarily.

Gone, Still
Some cope with loss by driving others away.

Ghost of Days Gone By
After losing her daughter, Katy finds herself in need of a new life – away from her grieving husband.

Running from Shadows
Invisible but present, The Black Wolf prowls in the hearts of many.

Where Imagination Lives
Age leaves behind a great many things, some more regretful than others.

Strayed in Nowhere
Walls are all there are, in the darkness that envelopes.

The Railway Dream
A dream of a haunting railway station recurs.

While You Sleep
The Aberrant Poems
The Rapture