Movie Review: The Batman (2022)

The Batman (dir. Matt Reeves, 2022) – When a sadistic killer begins to murder key political figures in Gotham, the Batman steps in, only to uncover a larger ploy against the city.


It is a constant stagger back to square one for the DC Cinematic Universe as the studio introduces its 3rd major iteration of the caped crusader in just under two decades. There seems a reluctance to move past its tried and tested characters, even as Marvel races past and starts dipping into its backlog – to resounding success for the most part.

So we get The Batman. Again. Albeit this time, there is a promising director at helm. Matt Reeves’ take falls somewhere between his recent predecessors, grounded in its world-building and villainy, balanced with a tonality suited to its comic book origins. It fits Gotham well enough. His film noir influences hold merit, picking up where Darren Aronofsky’s Year One project fell through years ago.

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Movie Review: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (dir. Matt Reeves, 2014) – A troop of genetically evolved apes stands at the brink of war, battling for dominance against human survivors of the Simian flu.


With a tense build-up to a thrilling battle, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes chalks up to another fine victory to the simian spirit.



Ten winters have passed. Unrest stemming from the simian flu has decimated the human population, and where men had once proudly (or obnoxiously, as some may argue) occupied is now the planet of the apes. Free from the leash, Caesar (Andy Serkis) now leads a large troop of genetically altered and highly intelligent apes like himself, finding repose away from the city in the vast redwood forest.

Dawn of Apes dives straight into a bold opening. Devoid of the slightest human presence, the movie immediately establishes its true stars: the simian colony. Initial minutes intrigue with echoes of our primeval civilisation. The apes interact with unsettling primitive human likeness, signing and moving with shrewd caution during their hunt for prey.

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