Movie Review: Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight (2020)

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight (dir. Bartosz M. Kowalski, 2020) – A group of teenagers is sent to an isolated camp to break their screen addiction, only to face worse dangers in the woods.


Back from my hiatus with a horror review, in time for Halloween!

Of mutant killers and slaughtered teens, Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight revives every trope from the horror playbook, lifting the monstrous cannibals off The Hills Have Eyes and throwing them in the midst of unwitting campers of knock-off Crystal Lake. Rid of phones, the rehab camp setting even serves as a perfect throwback to the 80s, where help is far from reach.

The massacre begins in no time. In their search for the first victim, one of the teenagers starts to spell out the cinema sins to avoid — no sex, no splitting up — and gets wilfully ignored. We all know how the story goes from here. Those looking for a stroke of ingenuity may do better with genre-benders like The Cabin in the Woods or even a self-aware tribute in The Final Girls. A pastiche of tropes it may be, the Polish slasher is nonetheless entertaining and relentless with its brutality.

Photo: Netflix
Bone appetit.

Essentially a gore montage, there are several decent kills that are generous with the blood and rely on old-school practical effects. The dead pool is also made up of fairly likeable archetypes, who lack in luck more than they do, wit. And when they do meet their end, it admittedly twinges just a little.

All 90 minutes of it resultantly entertains as a solid albeit conventional homage to the subgenre, even without much to remember it by after the credits roll. The fast-paced slasher has certainly found its niche audience too, churning out a sequel within a year — a year with a pandemic no less.

The derivative slasher necessitates no repeat viewings, but is still an entertaining gorefest that pays decent homage to the subgenre.

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight is on Netflix.


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